How many posts can I name ‘Update’?


It’s been kind of a crazy month for me. I got really wrapped up in doing the animations, which I’m definitely going to continue though probably at a slower pace and with comics sprinkled in more regularly. Ultimately, animation was always the goal I would be working towards so I’m very excited to be at the point where that is happening and it’s looking decent. Though now that I’m trying to make them a little more complex which pushing out the time I need to get them done, especially now since Sam will finally have a voice! So I guess, for the future, updates may be a bit more sporadic than they already were. The goal is to post at least one thing a week, though on weeks I’m not posting an animation I still aim to post 2 comics. Anyway, I hope y’all are enjoying the content as Mannequin American heads into its 2nd year. As always, thanks for hanging around.