Yo damn it’s almost been a year already and I haven’t managed to give up yet. That’s promising. That being said I think it’s time to shake up what little structure I’ve had as far as updates and let ya’ll know what I’m planning to do for, at least, the next couple of weeks.

So at this point I’ve released 2 animated shorts with a third planned for later this week. This is sort of the ultimate direction I was moving toward with the comics in the first place. I wanted to get decent enough at drawing to be able to start releasing some animations on a fairly regular basis, which right now seems to be once a week. I figure this will last until the workload gets to be too much or I run out of ideas, at which point things may return to the more traditional comic schedule.

One last change I hope to make is to improve the look and overall functionality of the site as soon as I learn, you know, anything about websites. Should be exciting. Well, as always, thanks for stopping by!