We’ve been up for a while now and as I notice more people checking out the site I thought I would just use this space to fill everyone in on how things are (allegedly) supposed to work around here. I’ve decided to stick to two updates a week which should happen on Tuesday and Thursday sometime between the afternoon and night. I don’t always have consistent time to work on these things so I’m gonna go ahead and apologize in advance for all the comics that don’t fit that schedule. For any other news concerning the site you can always check out our Facebook and Twitter which should be linked below each comic. Those links are also conveniently located next to our brand new Archive where you can search through past comics. )If you think my drawing is bad now you can go ahead and look at some of the early ones.) We also have a subscribe feature at the bottom of the page where you can get automated alerts from Hudson, our Community Manager and resident robot, whenever an update hits the page. So that’s about it! I hope you guys are enjoying reading these as much as I am enjoying making them. Most of the time.